Modern Pioneers: Five Songs, circa 1984

Modern Pioneers: Five Songs, circa 1984

Eric Neher: Vocals, guitar
Joe Mollura: Vocals, bass
Phill D’Ancona: Drums

Forever Endeavor
The Traveler
Laugh & Cry
Pioneer Beat

An informal “greatest hits” tape from a terrific band that never got its due. This recording’s provenance is murky; I don’t remember when nor where it was made, nor why the band’s name is misspelled on the spine. Pioneers frontman Eric Neher gave this cassette to Carole, in 1984 or 1985. He will have to answer for misspelling his band’s name on the spine. 🙂

Every song here is killer, but “The Traveler” is epic with a capital Pic. “Understanding” is another scorcher. Stick around for “Pioneer Beat” and dance your mess around.

“Every pilgrim on the block/Wants to dance the Plymouth Rock/Every cowboy on the street/The Pioneer Beat”

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      1. Thanks for asking! I have enabled downloading now. Sorry, that was my mistake. I’m glad you enjoy The Modern Pioneers!

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