Not Mystery Friday: Chaos Oblivion

Not Mystery Friday: Chaos Oblivion

It’s Not Mystery Friday in this Universe, but we do have a mystery here. No J-card, just a cassette with the number 2 and “Chaos Oblivion” scrawled in pen on a gray sticker. Not in the DU DemoBaseā„¢, so pre-Internet. What does the “2” signify? Side 2? The album’s title? The band’s name? It’s ambiguous.

I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda excited. Let’s assume the 2 means side 2, flip the tape over and listen to the (un-stickered)…

Side 1:

Hmm, OK, I guess I should have expected that. Fine, let’s go on to…

Side 2:

Well. Alright, then.

I feel like my past self is pranking me.

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