Henry Ocansey: Two songs, 1998

Henry Ocansey: Two songs, 1998

“I’m Henry Ocansey and I’m extremely interested in making records. Thank you.” Why Ocansey feels the need to introduce himself again, after sending four tapes in less than three months is beyond me, but I’ve grown accustomed to his peculiar ways. Two Songs the latest in the series that includes One Song, Side (One) Song and 3 Songs, introduces a new tune — as always, unnamed — that I’ll call “Blazin’ Hot.” More sophisticated than previous efforts, this summery number boasts a four-chord progression, although Henry, true to form, repeats it endlessly. “Blazin’ Hot” segues abruptly into a remake of “Would You Like To Come Along With Me” from 3 Songs that benefits from the clearest vocal track Ocansey has recorded to date, as well as a slight reworking of the lyrics that requires me to retitle it, “Do You Want To Baby Come Along With Me.” Much sexier, no? — Demo Universe, 1998

OK, well, Happy New Year! I’m not quite sure what led me to hang on to this tape, but here it is. From Ghana by way of Danbury, Connecticut, Henry now resides in Miami, where he wrestles with Big Questions.

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