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Davey Hull: Five songs, 1995

Davey Hull: Five songs, 1995

PERSONNEL: David Hull, everything?

Side One/Two
1. Word Game
2. Wealth

Side Two/One
1. Sprechen Sie Deutsch
2. Blue
3. Talking

This may have been the first recording I ever received from David “Davey” Hull, well prior to his move from Essex to Berlin. “Sprechen Sie Deutsch” skates on crude oil. “Blue” pleads, drones, and unravels. “Talking” actually rocks. “Word Game” is all clawing, crabbing Syd-guits; “Wealth,” a secret ceremony, shrouded in anxious fog, pummeled mad by drums. Just beautiful and weird.

Note: The sides are reversed on the J-card; my track listing follows markings on the cassette.

“This degree of strange might be intolerable to some, but it’s sweet music to these mutant ears.” — Demo Universe, 1995

Not Mystery Friday: Chaos Oblivion

Not Mystery Friday: Chaos Oblivion

It’s Not Mystery Friday in this Universe, but we do have a mystery here. No J-card, just a cassette with the number 2 and “Chaos Oblivion” scrawled in pen on a gray sticker. Not in the DU DemoBase™, so pre-Internet. What does the “2” signify? Side 2? The album’s title? The band’s name? It’s ambiguous.

I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda excited. Let’s assume the 2 means side 2, flip the tape over and listen to the (un-stickered)…

Side 1:

Hmm, OK, I guess I should have expected that. Fine, let’s go on to…

Side 2:

Well. Alright, then.

I feel like my past self is pranking me.

Cessna 21: Noise Ethic, 1995

Cessna 21: Noise Ethic, 1995

Shane Baker: Everything

Side A
1. Song For Neal
2. Do You Think Of Me?
3. When You Go Home, His Hand Comes Down Again
4. 1st Aria

Side B same as A

“Cessna 21, a/k/a Shane Baker, is an old friend of Demorandum, having appeared in issues 66, 69, 77 (as Loveseat Glider) and 78. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard from him, though, so I was happy to get these two tapes in separate mailings a week apart. Shane is now married to Jennifer and the father of Sylvia Marie, and these cassettes represent his return to music after a period of inactivity. Like his earlier efforts, both are very lo-fi, having been recorded on a Singalodeon; but past timidity has been replaced with unfettered noise, especially on Noise Ethic: with its dinosaur bedsqueaks and softly entombed vocals, “When You Go Home” gives MBV a run for their money, while the wordless “Aria” features the nastiest guitar I’ve yet heard from Cessna 21.” — Demo Universe, 1995

Loud and noisy and crudely recorded on a cheap karaoke cassette recorder, Noise Ethic will be too much for some listeners. I find it fascinating and real, and exciting — which is why I’ve held on to it for 20+ years! What can I say? I love the sound humans make, even the ugly, painful ones.

I never heard from Shane again. Hope he’s doing OK.

Oliver Squash: Wastecoat, 1992

Oliver Squash: Wastecoat, 1992

All Pieces by Oliver Squash
©1992 Oliver Squash


Side 1
Catatonic Bliss
Sweet China
The Pebble
Wasted Journey

Side 2
the Clowns
tasteless daze

What can I say about Oliver Squash? Honestly, words fail me at this moment. This 1992 cassette, one of two I received that year (stay tuned for Spaced) is…um…hell, where’s my thesaurus? Odd. Peculiar. Strange. Weird. Way-Out. Extraordinary.

Oliver Squash: Wastecoat,1992

The Bran Flakes: I Remember When I Break Down, 1996

The Bran Flakes: I Remember When I Break Down, 1996

The Bran Flakes are a Product of M.O.M. The MoFo Outreach Ministry Performed by Rev. Otis “FUN” Odder


Side 1
Call Me Patches
Feeling Merry
Mutual Admiration And Love
Think Big
Let It Be A Nightmare
(I Give Myself) That Girl
Homicidal UFO
Flight Of The Hindenburg
Magically Inside Of Me
Calling “Bob”
Blow Your Brains Out
Side By Side
I Killed Henry

Side 2
I Had A Hamburger Dream
Welcome To The Human Race
Subliminal Solice
The Intoxicating Reverberasia Lot
Face Another Day (2148)
Hollerin’ Linguistics
Throw It Away And Do Be Careful
Put A Hump In Your Back
Tender Sweet Young Thing
I’m Angry

Along with other bands such as Negativland and Evolution Control Committee, the Bran Flakes make extensive use of sampling, recontextualizing the samples into new works. The group scours thrift shops for obscure and quirky LPs; some of their songs also make use of recognizably famous bass lines, television shows, and soundtracks from video games. The unauthorized nature of much of their work has prevented the band’s work from wide commercial release. — Wikipedia

I’m superhappy The Bran Flakes are still blowing minds, 20 years after the release of this ribbon, in all formats, on four micro-indies: Disaster Relief, Ovenguard Music, Comfort Stand — and M8BR, which label issued the cassette I hold here. Key members Otis Fodder and Mildred Pitt are prolific, gifted assemblers of funky, twisted sound collages that unfurl like dreams, disconnected yet of a piece.

Be forewarned: These are Schedule I mixes. Dance until your face melts. Melt until your face dances. You never gave me your money, Patches!

The Bran Flakes: I Remember When I Break Down, 1996

Closed Third Eye: Semi-Pseudo-Sorta (1995)

Closed Third Eye: Semi-Pseudo-Sorta (1995)

All guitar, bass, and voices by Dennis
Except where noted all drums by Adam etc.


Idiot Face
Help Won’t Help (Jason, guitar; Owen, violin)
President (Eric, bass; Jason, Saxophone)
Need (Owen, bass; Cindy, flute)
Devolution (Elda, vocals)
Yer Grave (Brian, guitar)
Letting The Night In
Black Gasoline (Derwood, drums; Pete, guitar)
Other Need

Void (Bob, voice; Tony R, bass)
Dirt And Worms )Becky, drums; Owen, guitar; Tony R, bass & guitar; Jason, guitar)
Dog Milk (Art, harmonica; Becky, trumpet; Tony C, drums; Eric, flute; Beth, bass; Joe, synth; Frank, guitar)
Pig Milk (Shebo, drums; Tony R, bass; Mark, Kalimba; Owen, Toy Piano; Lucy, voice; Mimi, guitar; Cindy, accordion)
Kick That Smile
Spaz-Prov (Becky, drums; Eric, bass)

Lyrics by Dennis except “Devolution” by Elda
Recorded May 1994 – March 1995 at the Turning Hill, Palenville, NY
Engineered by Owen
Basic tracks on “Dirt And Worms” engineered by Neil
Basic tracks on Need engineered by Mark
Mixed by Owen and Dennis with help at times from Neil
Infinite thanks to all that helped
Cover photo by D.L.
Foot photo by Becky
Kinetic – Box 263, Hunter, NY 12442

One autumn day, Rip Van Winkle wanders up the mountains with his dog. Hearing his name called out, Rip sees a man wearing antiquated Dutch clothing; he is carrying a keg up the mountain and requires help. Together, they proceed to a hollow in which Rip discovers the source of thunderous noises: a group of ornately dressed, silent, bearded men who are playing nine-pins.

Rip does not ask who they are or how they know his name. Instead, he begins to drink some of their moonshine and soon falls asleep.

He awakes to discover shocking changes. His musket is rotting and rusty, his beard is a foot long, and his dog is nowhere to be found. Van Winkle returns to his village where he recognizes no one. He discovers that his wife has died and that his close friends have fallen in a war or moved away.

Rip Van Winkle learns that the men he met in the mountains are rumored to be the ghosts of Henry Hudson’s crew, which had vanished long ago. Rip learns he has been away from the village for at least twenty years.

This is an extraordinary recording, of which I had entirely forgotten. Blazing post-punk, psych-garage, let’s-get-fucked-up-and-make-some-noise-rock. A timeless, senseless, placeless, sense of time and place pervades this smoldering, mossy, unremembered howl of lysergic misery-joy from the haunted and banal Hudson Valley.

Semi-Pseudo-Sorta is waiting for you; don’t sleep on it.

Closed Third Eye: Pseudo-Semi-Sorta

Monsters From The Id: Hyena Love Pt. II (A Drama In Two Acts)

Monsters From The Id: Hyena Love Pt. II (A Drama In Two Acts)

The Trees Are Bare (Prelude)
Hyena Love Pt. II
Born In Squirts
Brain Damage Dog
Fuck Up/Family Man
Epitomy Of A Woman

Crowded With Worms
Pooka Love
Daddy Does Fine
Jellyhole Motherfucker
Mean Things
Hyena in a ID zone
Recess Is Over (Finale)
Hyena Love Pt. 666 (Coda)

Monsters From The Id was a home-recording project by one Joel Sotelo, then resident of Citrus Heights, California. Although the j-card is undated, its appearance in the reviews section of Autoreview #2 suggests 1995-96.

These are hypnotic, narcotic, dream-state sounds, floating and dissolving at a slow, steady pace throughout, but this music is too alienated and disturbing to be considered ambient. David Lynch would like it. Comparisons to The Residents are inescapable, but that was a band; Lotero’s music is defined by loneliness.

Human voices drift in and out of Hyena Love, but they are merely found sounds, as distant from this reality as the rings of Saturn. Joel’s voice is at all times soaked and twisted with reverb, flanger, and fuzzbox, when it can be heard at all. The space-funk jam “Pooka Love” is an exception, revealing Sotelo’s soulful, drawling, Zappa-like baritone.

Zappa’s “The Adventures of Greggery Peccary” was almost certainly an influence on Hyena Love, and not just because it’s a concept album about a smallish mammal. Sotelo’s solipsism, the intricacy of his sonically dense arrangements, his adventurous ideas, and the meticulous way he’s assembled this waking nightmare of a tape would make Frank smile. Or at least, smirk.

Monsters From The Id: Hyena Love Pt. II (A Drama In Two Acts)