This Universe is closed.

This really has to stop now. There is just no way I am going to listen to all this stuff. Stop sending me things!

I have 243 recordings logged in my database, waiting for review. Not counting this large, transparent garbage bag stuffed with unopened packages. My backlog is more than two and a half years.

And guess what? I don't care. I have lost interest in this.

It's not that I don't have the time. That's been a problem in the past, as my children were born, but not now. I could surely make the time.

But I don't want to. These days I prefer to spend my time doing other things. Like being Dad, playing in my band, building a recording studio, and oh yeah, let's say it, listening to (mostly) good music.

It has taken me too long, really, to get to the point where I could finally say, enough is enough. My gosh, I've been doing this for nearly 20 years. That's crazy!

But recently, not so much, right? Hell, after a brief and cranky spurt of activity more than a year ago, I've hardly written a word. And yet the packages keep coming. Often, lately, with notes, vowing happy willingness to wait years for my opinion. That's crazy, too!

I had hoped that my comatose reviewing schedule would gradually wither the flow of music into my post office box, but it has held steady. My passive-aggressive effort at becoming irrelevant has clearly been offset by the exponentially swelling ranks of unknowns desperate for any attention, even if it's just seeing their band's name on my ever-swelling waiting list.

Well kids, the party's over. Not only am I tired of shoving the garbage bag from one end of my office to the next, I can no longer continue to encourage people to waste their time and money sending me music that I have no intention of listening to, now or in the foreseeable future. It's simply wrong.

So please, stop sending me stuff. Tell others.

This Universe is closed. Permanently. To the many, many, wonderful, talented people whom I have met and befriended (physically or not) in the course of this crazy pursuit: Thank you for making me feel like I was doing something worthwhile with my life. It's been fun.

Okay. Goodbye. I'll see you around.

Jim Santo
New York
December 31, 2007