Ant-Bee: With My Favorite “Vegetables” & Other Bizarre Muzik, 1993

Ant-Bee: With My Favorite “Vegetables” & Other Bizarre Muzik, 1993

The Ant-Bee: (Billy James) Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Mellotron, Tape Manipulations
Bunk Gardner: Saxes, Snorks, Wheezes, Assorted Screams
Dom Dewild (Don Preston): Keyboards, Vegetables, Assorted Tranzformations
The Indian of the Group (Jimmy Carl Black): Dialogue, “Are You Shaauugg!”, Assorted Munchkinizms
Motorhead: (Euclid James Sherwood): Snorks & Dialog
Pachuco Falsetto (Roy Estrada): Bizarre Laughter
Herman Monster (Roy Herman): Guitars and “La-La’s” on “Moonpie”
Lunar Egg-Clips (Greg Brosius): Keyboards Run Amuck and Freaky Laughter
Purple Plastic Penguin (Rick Snyder): Bass on “Worms”
The Tragic Sunbeam (Marc Oxindine): Bass, Sulter and Swiss Poverty
The Mod Martian (Rod Martin): Backwards Guitar
Reoccuring Schizms (Scott Renfroe): Assorted Tape Manipulations
Mr. Lambchop (Paul Lamb): Bass, French Horn, Marriage
Mr. Crisp (John Criss): Piano on “Worms”

All Material produced, arranged, & struggled with by Billy James
All Material written by Billy James © 1991/1992 ANT-BEE Muzik/BMI Except:
Motorhead Snorks – Speaks © 1993 Jimmy Sherwood
Jimmy Carl Black Speakin at Ya © 1993 Jimmy Carl Black
Bunk Speaks 7 A Gardner Variation © 1992/93 Bunk Gardner
Pachuco Falsetto Laughs © 1994 Roy Estrada
Dom Dewilde Tranzforms, Speaks, And Speaks Again © 1992/1993 Don Preston
Do You Like Worms © ® 1967 Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks – Capitol Records
Here We Go Round the Lemon Tree © ® 1967 Roy Wood – Westminster Music
Recorded on 16 track recorder at DH Studio, North Hollywood, CA 1990 – 1992
Engineer: Scott Kolden
Re-Edited & Cleaned up at: Sonic Cafe Studio, Charlotte, NC
Engineer: Scott Renfroe
The “Live Jam” recorded on DAT live at Weat LA Studios, West LA, CA, June 1992
Engineer: Dan Simon
“Who Slew the Beast” comprised of 1/2 studio material & 1/2 live material with various tape manipulations.

Side A
Lunar Egg-Clips Runs Amuck
“The Live Jam:”
Once The Clothes Are Off
Stringbeans, Greenbeans & Other Assorted Vegetables
Moonpie – Cooked I
The Girl With The Stars In Her Hair
Dom DeWilde Speaks

Side B
Geronimo Black Speaks
In A Star
Live At The Trip:
The Fungus
Lunar Egg-Clips Walks With The Fungus
Do You Like Worms?
Who Slew The Beast?
Bunk Speaks
Dom DeWilde Tranzforms (Before Your Very Ears)
Dom DeWilde Speaks Again

Wherein Wilmington, North Carolina, underground music legend Billy James a/k/a Ant-Bee assembles most of the original Mothers Of Invention for an off-the-rails psychedelic trip. It’s all the goofy, sunny, and beautiful bits of Freak Out! stripped of Zappa’s sardonic snarl. An absolute must-hear for fans of Zappa and The Mothers, this rare, self-released 1993 cassette was re-issued as a CD and vinyl LP in 1994 on the UK’s Divine Records. That release is long out of print, but you can pick up used copies from the usual sources. I’m gonna disable downloads on this, unless Billy gives his blessing.

To learn more about Ant-Bee, visit his amazingly retro web site.

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