2Lb. Spread!, Gentle Bloated Flower, 1996

2Lb. Spread!, Gentle Bloated Flower, 1996

On Gentle Bloated Flower, Tom plays with solo bass and alien vocals (“The Deep Blue Luv Pit”) builds an instrumental around Egypt-hop drums (“Tales Of Glory”) and makes like Jim Carroll fronting Pavement (“Hey, It Fits!”).

Demo Universe, 1997

Tom Huff: Vocals, guitars, bass, samples
Matt Lindsey: Guitar, bass, drums
Marky Moon: Drums

All lyrics by Tom Huff
All music by Tom Huff and 2 Lb. Spread
Recorded at 2 lb. Studios
All songs published by Rootin’ Tootin’ Tunes

Side A:
1. Yee Haw
2. Hum Num Na
3. The Deep Blue Luv Pit
4. Tales Of Glory
5. Hey, It Fits!

Side B:
1. So, You Really Think
2. Settle Down, Speed Racer
3. Now For Something Real
4. Hum Num Na (Pulp Mix)

This obscure ribbon of loose, grimy, free-style stoner-rock emanated from the Cleveland suburbs in the mid-1990s, which was pretty much ground zero for this sound at that time. It is obvious Tom and his gang had a great fucking time recording this; two decades later, I can still smell the smoke and beer in every note. Hey, It Fits!

Tom Huff remains active, most recently as lead guitarist for The Tufted Puffins, a group of Cleveland underground rock scene veterans. They’re quite good, check ’em out:    

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