Iconoclast: Sins of New York, 1989

Iconoclast: Sins of New York, 1989

Julie Joslyn: Alto saxophone, live electronics, violin, vocals, percussion
Leo Ciesa: Drums, percussion, orchestra bells, congas, synthesizer, live electronics, vocals

All compositions by ICONOCLAST
Produced by ICONOCLAST

Recorded and mixed by Chris Howard
Recorded at New Breed Studios, NYC, 1988

Graphics, photo and design by Josh Brown

Side 1:
1. Itschwings
2. Six Feet Below
3. Beat Generation
4. Sugar Pops
5. Messing with the Boss I

Side 2:
1. Something and Eat
2. Bermuda Triangle
3. Waves of Tears
4. Take Off Your Shirt and Scream
5. Messing with the Boss II
6. Scotch and Eggs

“…like Iconoclast, a New York-based avant-garde jazz duo, who’ve definitely got a distinctive sound. What does it sound like? Imagine you’re a hard-core speed freak. You haven’t slept in weeks. Psychosis is setting in. You begin to hallucinate. There are millions of little bugs beneath your skin, crawling madly over your ruined veins. Now imagine if each of those bugs was playing an alto saxophone. That’s Iconoclast. Pretty cool, huh?” — The Music Paper, 1989

Yeah, I’m not proud of my original review, published in the pre-Internet days under the nom de plume “Andy Glass.” What can I say? I was just a dumb rock guy. Now that I’m a crusty old fuck, I can sagely point to the influence of Coltrane, Sun Ra, James Chance, John Lurie, and so forth. Or not.

The duo remains very active, and released their latest CD, Driven To Defiance, in April 2017. Find out more at the band’s web site, or hit ’em up on Facebook and Youtube.

I believe Iconoclast is still selling this cassette, so no downloads here.

Iconoclast: Sins of New York, 1989

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