Dan Cray: How’s My Driving?, 1999

Dan Cray: How’s My Driving?, 1999

‘Jenn Cray’s chirpy recitation of Dr. Seuss’ “Oh The Places You’ll Go!” provides the conceptual road map for another Dan Cray trip into the heart of darkness. Love, and all the pain resulting, is the theme this time out, expressed in quietly shattering songs like “Happy Hour” (“You were the first lust that I trusted/You’ll be the last love I adore/You call it space/I call it war.”) and “Two TVs” (“I’ll take the couch/You’ll take the bed/It’s the ease of two TVs/And a kitchen in between.”). I could fill this review with Cray quotes and still not convey Cray’s gift. He’s a lyric surgeon, effortlessly excising our stinking viscera and laying them on the coffee table. And oh, the guitars! Majestic and jaundiced, they slither like pretty pink lizards and rise like cranes from a burning lake. Peter Gabriel trod these boards once upon a foxtrot. Now it’s Cray’s turn to take the stage. Here’s your chance for a front-row seat. Don’t miss out.’ — Demo Universe, October 17, 1999

PERSONNEL: Dan Cray, everything

“Dan provided all of the punctuation to Jenn’s reading of Dr. Suess’ “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” God’s opinion appears courtesy of his earthly vessels, whose tapes you can pick up after church for around $2.00. Chances are, this tape cost you little more than a shot of Irish whiskey. Dr. Seuss’ “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” sells for $17.00. I guess you get what you pay for. Chris Schmidt’s photo was altered for the cover without permission. Sorry.”

Side A
1. Jacked
2. Happy Hour
3. Boy Meets Girl
4. Two TVs
5. Desperate High
6. God Rains
7. Foul

Side B
1. Stupidly
2. Virulence
3. The Warm Line
4. Brunch
5. Ruby
6. Dead Letter

Damn if this ribbon doesn’t hold up, two decades and a shitload of evilness later. You just have to check it out, trust me. More Dan Cray to come soon, I promise!

I’m very pleased to report that Dan has stayed active, and has just released a new album, Best Ever. You can listen to buy it at his nifty web site, among other places. How’s My Driving? is also available for purchase, which is both incredibly good news for you, dear listener, and the reason downloads are disabled for this post.

Dan Cray: How's My Driving?, 1999

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