Sense Field: Three songs, 1990

Sense Field: Three songs, 1990

Jon Bunch: Vocals
John Stockburger: Bass
Rodney Sellars: Guitar
Chris Evenson: Guitar

1. Tripoem
2. Add The Colors
3. Today & Tomorrow

If you came of age in the ’90s, chances are you know these guys. One of the most successful bands I ever reviewed, Sense Field were right up there with the biggest emo bands of the day.

If you checked Wikipedia a few minutes ago, you would have thought Sense Field was formed in 1991; I know better, and have the evidence (and have updated Wikipedia). “Recorded at home on the 4-track,” this three-song cassette makes it clear Sense Field was “Born: January 1990.”

“Tripoem” reappeared the following year on the band’s self-released, self-titled, five-song debut EP (1991); and again (retitled “Trip Poem”) on their 1996 Revelation Records EP, Building Foundation. “Today & Tomorrow” kicked off their seminal 1994 Revelation release, Killed For Less.

As far as I am able to determine, “Add The Colors” has never appeared on any other recording. This cassette includes an insert with lyrics; likely the first time these words were published.

Sense Field: Three songs, 1990, insert

R.I.P. Jon Bunch, October 25, 1970 – January 31, 2016.

NOTE: No downloads allowed on this one, sorry.

Sense Field Cassette

3 thoughts on “Sense Field: Three songs, 1990

  1. Hello,
    Do you have a photo of this actual cassette?
    I have a 1990 Sense Field demo myself, but without a cover or insert. I was hoping to verify whether or not you and I have the same release.

  2. i have a four song demo from 1991 with cut and paste cover and hand written info in john bunch’s writing. Not sure where to sell it. any ideas?

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