Sense Field: Three songs, 1990

Sense Field: Three songs, 1990

Jon Bunch: Vocals
John Stockburger: Bass
Rodney Sellars: Guitar
Chris Evenson: Guitar

1. Tripoem
2. Add The Colors
3. Today & Tomorrow

If you came of age in the ’90s, chances are you know these guys. One of the most successful bands I ever reviewed, Sense Field were right up there with the biggest emo bands of the day.

If you checked Wikipedia a few minutes ago, you would have thought Sense Field was formed in 1991; I know better, and have the evidence (and have updated Wikipedia). “Recorded at home on the 4-track,” this three-song cassette makes it clear Sense Field was “Born: January 1990.”

“Tripoem” reappeared the following year on the band’s self-released, self-titled, five-song debut EP (1991); and again (retitled “Trip Poem”) on their 1996 Revelation Records EP, Building Foundation. “Today & Tomorrow” kicked off their seminal 1994 Revelation release, Killed For Less.

As far as I am able to determine, “Add The Colors” has never appeared on any other recording. This cassette includes an insert with lyrics; likely the first time these words were published.

Sense Field: Three songs, 1990, insert

R.I.P. Jon Bunch, October 25, 1970 – January 31, 2016.

NOTE: No downloads allowed on this one, sorry.

Sense Field Cassette

6 thoughts on “Sense Field: Three songs, 1990

  1. Hello,
    Do you have a photo of this actual cassette?
    I have a 1990 Sense Field demo myself, but without a cover or insert. I was hoping to verify whether or not you and I have the same release.

  2. i have a four song demo from 1991 with cut and paste cover and hand written info in john bunch’s writing. Not sure where to sell it. any ideas?

  3. Hey just curious, you wouldn’t happen to have the MP3’s of the Sense Field songs “Passing Thoughts” and “In The Beginning” would you? They aren’t anywhere on the internet. And if you do you happen to have them would it be possible to send them to me? Thank you.

  4. Only four members listed on the cover. That means Rodney is still on drums here, as he was with he and Jon’s previous band, Reason To Believe. He switched to guitar and they added Scott McPherson on drums sometime soon after this.

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