Murfreesboro: Hoopajoob, 1998

Murfreesboro: Hoopajoob, 1998

Jake Rubin: Saxophones
Walker Hardy: Trombone
Christopher Freeman: Bass
Kent South: Drums, vocals
Ian Russell: Piano, organ, vocals
Prabir Mehta: Guitar, vocals

Recorded by Chris Freeman with a Tascam 488 MKII 8-track recorder, August 30, 1997 to January 2, 1998
Cover art & design: John Hilowitz & Chris Freeman
Photography by Murphreesboro and Courtney England
Auxilliary percussion and other stupid noises by Murfreesboro
Drum machine on “Ladies Room” provided by Jason Sposa

1. Protein
2. Lollypoplips
3. Let Me Be Your Fool
4. Wirefly
5. Yuckman
6. So Fine

1. Ladies Room
2. Don’t You Walk Away
3. Horror Movie Life
4. Steppin’ Off
5. 65

Here we have some shaggy jazzy skanky horn rock jams from late ’90s Richmond, VA. The lo-fi, evidently live, recording does not diminish the youthful joy spilling out the speakers; indeed, it enhances the sense of space and time that most draws me to demo tapes. “So Fine” and “Don’t You Walk Away” still get me, all these years later.

Guitarist Prabir Mehta went on to front The Rachel Nevadas and remains active on the Richmond scene; dunno about the rest of ’em. Can someone fill in the history?

Murfreesboro: Hoopajoob, 1998, inside cover

Thankfully avoiding both alternarock overkill and white-boy hip hop, Murfreesboro plays classic party music in a more or less traditional fashion. — Jim Santo’s Demo Universe, 1998

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  1. Robbie King which was the replacement bassist for Chris Freeman, I saw playing at some festival with Lucy Dacus, Kent played drums in the scene for a while more haven’t seen him for a while.

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