Michael “Sport” Murphy: “My Limbic System (Is Fucked)”, Demo, 1995

Michael “Sport” Murphy: “My Limbic System (Is Fucked)”, Demo, 1995

PERSONNEL: Michael “Sport” Murphy, Vocals, guitar

“My Limbic System (Is Fucked)” is the B-side to the Time Or Dirt “Matilda Mother” 7″, released July 1995 on my Dive Records label. You can read all about TOD and the recording of the single, including the story of how “Limbic System” was chosen:

The B-side was picked in true Time Or Dirt fashion. I asked Sport if he had an unused song that I could record. He offered “My Limbic System (Is Fucked)” and I accepted it on the basis of the title alone. Fortunately for both of us, it turned out to be a good song.

Now, this single has been publicly available for 20 years; you can buy it today, as a matter of fact. But what we have here today is something only two people for certain have ever heard: Sport, who made this simple demo, complete with step by step instructions and suggested performance notes; and me.

If you’re inclined to record your own version, please have at it; post in the comments! In the meantime, here’s Time Or Dirt, featuring Sport on tam-tam, James Mastro on e-bow, and the final recording of Andy Moore on drums with JenCon.

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