Chainsuck: Three songs, 1993

Chainsuck: Three songs, 1993

Marydee Reynolds: Vocals, guitar
Ruben Layman: Bass
George Bolton: Keyboards, samples
Michael Smith: Drums

Additional guitars: Doug Vargas
Additional samples: Lamar Lowder

Recorded by Lamar Lowder
Sound Sanctuary, Allston, MA — Fall 93
Cover photo: G. Benson
All songs by Marydee Reynolds © 1993

1. Prozac
2. Emily Says
3. Big Mistake

Recorded within a year of this Boston band’s formation, this is the demo tape that Chris Connelly, from Ministry and the Revolting Cocks, brought to Chicago’s Wax Trax, resulting in the label releasing Chainsuck’s debut LP, Angelscore (1996), as well as more pop-leaning follow up Kindly Stop for Me (1999).

All three of these songs are on Angelscore, but these demo versions, stripped of mid-90s studio sheen, are superior. Sadly, neither album caught fire, and the band quietly exited the stage at the turn of the millennium.

A New York native, Marydee Reynolds has resided in Chicago since the Chainsuck days; she remains active, reviving her great aunt’s old-time country act Girls Of The Golden West. Drummer Michael Smith plays in Fireking. Producer Lamar Lowder is a digital artist in Sydney, Australia. Layman and Bolton have receded into obscurity.

Chainsuck: Three songs, 1994

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