eyelight: [trigger], 1994

eyelight: [trigger], 1994

Jehn Cerron: Vocals, loops

First Side
1. She’s Lavender
2. Holding Hands And Eyes
3. Tunnel To A Channel
4. (little swing break – no title
5. It Starts At The End
6. Sweet Sister
7. Embrace And Depart
8. Tell Me A Story
9. Kiss The Air Nearest Your Face

Second Side
1. Singing In The Swing
2. Please Keep A Light On
3. Regret I Felt
4. Middle Of Sunday
5. Lazy
6. Ears In The Dirt Stuck In The Ground
7. Light
8. I’ll Dream You

I had the great pleasure of meeting Jehn Cerron and seeing her perform during WE Fest in Wilmington, NC. Offstage, she was shy, nervous, and sweet. On stage, she was a magician, a time bender.

Discovering eyelight was among the most precious rewards from my travels in the cassette underground. This early cassette is an odyssey in itself; a mesmerizing, disorienting gallery of voice in all its guises.

Jehn is still active in music, collaborating with others and occasionally performing near her home in Florida. She’s not released anything as eyelight in a very long time. And that’s OK. A UK label has offered some of her work on Bandcamp for free, and she’s got a bunch of songs on Reverbnation.

A conversation between Jehn Cerron and Ian C. Stewart, 2011

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