The Wives: Carl, 1992

The Wives: Carl, 1992

Susan Horwitz: Guitar, lead vocals
Mary Dunham: Bass, background vocals
Tracy Almazan: Drums, background vocals

Produced by Richard Brukner
Recorded at TuCasa Sound Stucios, NYC
Mixed at The Place, NYC

1. Smooth Stone
2. Away
3. 100 Sorries
4. Let ’em Go
5. Mempho

The Wives! What a band. One-time roomies with Jenifer Convertible at The Music Building on Eighth Avenue, we shared the stage with these rockin’ chicks at clubs all over the East Village throughout the nineties, and we’ve remained good friends ever since. Fast, smart post-punk rock, outwardly joyous and inwardly distressed, their music is part of my personal soundtrack of that era.

The Wives, 1992
The Wives, 1992

The band members continue to collaborate. A few years back, James Pertusi and I recorded an EP for Futurex, a very Wives-like band comprised of Sue, Mary and drummer Paul Andrews (Fluffer, Ff, Shirk Circus), and Mary and Tracy (who went on to join Helldorado and Nashville Pussy) are lately burning up the blues-rock circuit with the incredible Jane Lee Hooker (Tracy’s as great a guitarist as she is drummer — and that’s pretty great!)

The Wives played a one-off, 10-year reunion show in 2013, which I, being a loser, missed. Oh well, at last I have my tapes, and you will be hearing more from The Wives as time goes by.

“Breathe in deep and strong/Blink and it’s gone away”

The Wives: Carl, 1992 J-Card

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