Ninewood: Six songs, 1997

Ninewood: Six songs, 1997

Angela Coon: Vocals
Chris Papa: Bass
Karen Roze: Bass, b. vocals
Mat Kolehmainen: Drums

Recorded by Dan Rathbun at Polymorph
Produced by Ninewood and Rathbun

All songs by Ninewood ©1997 except words of Elephant Cadaver which were taken from Pachuco Cadaver by Don Van Vliet and words of Marginal Lullaby which were taken from Mark Strand.

1. Eaglet Shaper
2. Marginal Lullaby
3. New Can Of Ice
4. The Flume Atrocity
5. Elephant Cadaver
6. Bone Dirge

“With two basses, no guitars, spastic-fantastic drumming and a creepy chanteuse, Ninewood create a spooky clatter. Lurking in an art-noir alley between Morphine and the Magic Band, this Bay Area foursome (Angela Coon, vocals; Chris Papa, bass; Karen Roze, bass, backing vocals; and Matt Kolehmainen) lift lyrics from Captain Beefheart (“Elephant Cadaver” reworks the Captain’s “Pachuco Cadaver”) and Mark Sandman (whose poetry invigorates “Marginal Lullaby”) but turn their own fine phrases in such vividly named tunes as “Eaglet Shaper,” “New Can Of Ice” and “Bone Dirge,” the latter of which is a Bradbury-esque tale of a man who “had no bones in his body.” — Demo Universe, 1998

“Staples of the Oakland music scene in 1997 – 2002. Toured western europe in 1999 and again in 2000. Release three albums: New Can Of Ice, American Salt Lick, and Wake. All recorded at Polymorph in Oakland. Ninewood played their last live show on August 24th, 2000 at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. In 2002, a final set of tunes was released on the EP, Wake. Angela and Karen continue to make music in the Bay Area. Mathias has moved to LA to go to back to school, and Chris is in Seattle carving wood.” —

As of 2016, Angela is an acupuncturist and Karen is a tattoo artist. They both make their living sticking needles into people. Chris Papa is still carving wood. Mathias Kolehmainen is now in Louisville, Kentucky, has played with Dropsy and Parlour, and is gainfully employed as a software developer.

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