Oral Groove: Four songs, 1992

Oral Groove: Four songs, 1992

Joe Mannix: Vocals, guitar
Ed Fingerling: Bass, vocals
Chris Peck: Drums, vocals

Produced by Rick Reil, Curt Reil, Joe Mannix and Ed Fingerling
Mixed and engineered by Rick, Curt, Ed, Rob Grenoble, and Bill Statler

Recorded in May 1992 at the Legendary Eild Studio, Hoboken, and at Rick’s house, Highland Park (and a good and proper time had we). Mixed at Water Music, Hoboken

Michael Wronski designed the cassette jacket, and Traci Gallagher took the group photo in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

All sings written by Mannix / Fingerling / Peck Copyright 1992

1. King Of The USA
2. Girl In The Record
3. Desiree
4. She’s Still Here

Few bands on the mid-’90s East Village scene could pack ’em in like Oral Groove. For good reason; they had killer songs and crushed live. The crucial cuts here are “Girl In The Record Store”, a romping stomping power-pop gem; and “Desiree,” which is in many ways the same song as “Girl In The Record Store”, but, whatever, still a great track. “She’s Still Here” comes in third; wordy, barreling, Costello-esque-o. Killer drumming by Chris Peck on that one. Leading off this tape, but bringing up the rear, is “King Of The USA”, a CCR-like choogler that chokes on its own verbosity. Oh well, can’t all be classics, but this cassette is 75% awesome! Fun fact: This tape was co-produced by the Reil brothers, of long-running psych-poppers The Grip Weeds — who also debuted in 1992. History! More Oral Groove to come in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned.

Oral Groove, 1992
Oral Groove, 1992

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