East River Pipe: 3 songs, 1989

East River Pipe: 3 songs, 1989


F.W. Cornog: Everything


New York Of Slime
Goin’ To Hollywood
At The Bar

In those days, I kept the cassettes in milk crates, and picked tapes at random to review. The color red stood out, and the name, too, so I got lucky.

“It could be anywhere/But this is New York Slime/The slaughterhouse of the Western world.”

Yeah. This is the first East River Pipe cassette. Recorded in 1987 & 1988, released July 15, 1989.

“I hope she comes tonight/I hope she comes to the bar/I saved this chair for her/This one’s for her/When she comes.”

The 1990s begin now.

East River Pipe: 3 songs, 1989

2 thoughts on “East River Pipe: 3 songs, 1989

  1. Thank you for these rare East River Pipe posts!

    This one is very strange, the voice is already there but the music itself is a lot different than I’m used to. It’s very interesting to see where Cornog has gone since then, but it definitely has the same spirit of the later East River Pipe songs. I wonder how old he was when he recorded these.

    1. According to copyright records, Fred was born in 1959, so he was about 28 when “New York Of Slime” and “At The Bar” were recorded.

      This page has a lot of info on F.M.’s early years:

      I’m not sure if it’s all accurate — for one thing, they state his birth year as 1966 — but it generally agrees with the story he told me.

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