Cowpatch: Economy Tractor, 1995

Cowpatch: Economy Tractor, 1995


Paul DiBenedetto: Bass, vocals
Bill Hafener: Guitar, lead vocals, organ
Chris Olsen: Drums

Produced by Cowpatch
Engineered by Paul DiBenedetto
All songs ©1995
All songs by Bill Hafener except “Sort”, words by Chris Olsen, music by Bill Hafener


Side One:
Did It All
Gee Jeanane G.

Side Two:
Don’t Know What I’m Doing
Goin Down
6 or 9

As The Skels staggered to their denoument, Bill Hafener’s Cowpatch achieved escape velocity on this ecstatic cassette. It’s Live At Leeds meets Zuma at the Zen Arcade; rock with a Fucking Capital ROCK. “Goin Down” is the defiant declaration of intent: “I just wanna make a living/If that’s not too much to ask/I just wanna talk with everyday people/Who don’t have their head stuck up their ass.” Yeah. Don’t miss the harrowing “6 or 9”; Hafener pummels his SG until it pukes blood.

Happy to report Bill is still rockin’ that sweet Hi-Watt; check out his latest band, The Black River Republic!

Cowpatch: Economy Tractor, 1995

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